Changelog - 5 October Release Notes

Updates continue after a month's vacation in Italy.

  • Bug fixes - 31 August Release Notes

  • Improved pagination styling
  • Fixed a bug where price entries would display multiple times
  • Improved homepage
  • Improved Recently Added

v2.4 - 27 August Release Notes

  • Reintroduced pagination to the site
  • Fixed bug where pages 2/3, etc would not show store image in pagination pages
  • Introduced more store banners
  • Fixed bug in Grid that meant meta data was displayed incorrectly or inconsistently 

v2.3 -  26 August Release Notes

  • Reduced number of requests loading time

v2. -  26 August Release Notes

  • Further improved loading times
  • Improved navigation menu
  • Disabled caching while we investigate bug

v2. -  25 August Release Notes

  • Further optimized page loading speeds
  • Migrated off FontAwesome cdn to locally served, fonts now showing up quicker & reducing page loads 
  • Improved related items
  • Improved homepage grid code

v2. - 22 August Release Notes

  • Fixed bug where images would not show correctly or always in the search grid
  • Further optimized page loading speeds
  • Improved footer

v2.1.0.0 - 21 August Release Notes

  • Optimized caching engine
  • Bug fixes for scraper
  • Rewrite brand/store page components
  • Improved reliablity of fetching images for stores
  • Improved store listing pages layout 
  • Reintroduced code responsible for caching, decreasing page load times
  • Added Store icon when Stores is selected from main menu, similar behaviour to Home

v2.0.0.5b - 21 August Release Notes

  • Improved data validation when meta information is shown on the grid
  • Improved loading times of the grid by optimizing backend

v2.0.0.5 - 21 August Release Notes

  • Improved the Grid shown across the site, introduced better meta information for different product types
  • Improved schema markup behind the scenes. Price availablity & number of stores now available in Google.
  • Improved backend tagging & code for greater reliablity in search.
  • Improved the number of images available in sections
  • Improved crawler accruacy & the number of prices available on site

v2.0.0.4 - 20 August Release Notes

  • Fix: Formatting on Stores list
  • Fix: #65 - Navigation tabs do not work correctly on the main Stores page
  • Fix: Fixed search results grid to now include results that include eliquids
  • Removed: Removed stores link from footer as this sits in the secondary navigation area
  • Fix: Improved number of images available for Liquids, Pods & Tanks section
  • Fix: Fixed bugs & improved pricing fetching in crawler

v2.0.0.3b - 19 August Release Notes

  • Fix: Migrated rich schema markup from old site to new site
  • Fix: Removed duplicate html tags in header
  • New: Added store logos to the Recently Added Stores grid on the homepage.
  • New: Added Ingredients tab to Juice listing pages, replacing "Specs" tab for that category.
  • Fix: Added missing store logos
  • New: Added map marker icon to Store Index Page
  • Fix: All newly added stores should now show on the homepage
  • Fix: When a user clicks on the Store button on mobile, it now shows the correct link
  • Fix: Prices now display correctly (lowest price to high price) in Grids sections
  • New: added an Instagram link to Footer
  • New: added a Twitter button to Footer
  • New: added a Changelog section
  • New: added Changelog link to Footer

v2.0.0.0 - 15 August Release Notes

  • Initial release

Known/Unresolved Bugs

  • #53 - Images do not display for all category types on the search results page
  • #54 - R18 warning banner as users enter the site is not shown in this version
  • #55 - Active menu item in the Global Header is not consistantly shown across category types
  • #56 - Favicon is missing
  • #57 - Site won't autoredirect to secure version, results in redirect loop
  • #58 -  Recently Changed Prices link on the homepage does redirect to correct page
  • #59 - Images are in the wrong sizes, formats across the site
  • #60 - Footer does not display correctly on mobile
  • #61 - The search dropdown button does not work on mobile
  • #62 - The categories dropdown button does not work on mobile
  • #63 - The secondary navigation tabs does not work on mobile across most categories/types 
  • #64 - Reviews (submit a review, view existing reviews) are not shown under the tabs on listings (site wide)
  • #65 - Contact Us page is missing
  • #65 - About Us page is missing
  • #66 - Mobile version of Stores directory is missing Grid view
  • #67 - Pages do not provide pagination
  • #69 - Search results for stores do not populate information the same as mods/other types
  • #70 - Error page (404) does not populate
  • #71 - Specifications tab does populate information on pods listing pages correctly
  • #72 - Specifications tab does not populate information on tanks listing pages correctly
  • #73 - Specifications tab does not populate information on batteries listing pages correctly
  • #74 - Specifications tab does not populate information on chargers listing pages correctly
  • #75 - Batteries does have an active menu indicator
  • #76 - Homepage grid does not size correctly in Safari on desktop
  • #78 - Product overview does not size correclty in Safari on desktop

Removed Features

  • Explore/Browse
  • Blog
  • Stores Directory
  • Vapeprices Product Review
  • Submit A Store
  • Flag/Report functionality