NZ's first vaping price comparison website

Vapeprices launched back in December of 2018, as a way for New Zealanders to compare vape mods, liquid, kits and more. Transparently, online, and without hassle or pressure

Discover. Explore.

People use Vapeprices to find their next mod, kit or liquid. Discover hundreds of products from all of NZ's major vape shops, all in one easy site.

Save dollars, not cents.

Save dollars and not cents with Vapeprices. Get the latest price from all the major NZ vape shops. Our prices are updated daily.

Independent & bias-free.

Our site is 100% independent, bias free. The prices are the prices, and the mods are what they are. No hidden agenda to sell you more or something you don't want.

We are an independent, Kiwi-owned price comparison website that allows users to compare mods, liquids & kits for free.

Our plan is to build this into a community website, allowing vapers to communicate and share ideas all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the prices updated?
Generally we update our prices daily, depending on the stores behaviour it can sometimes be less than that. Updates occur in the evenings. The process is done by what's called a crawler, but does require some manual intervention.

The "insert category name here" is not listed, why?
We are adding new categories all the time. A lot of what we add, is based on what is viewed & clicked on, where traffic is coming from.

What's the most popular thing on the site?
Believe it or not. Pods.

How did this site become what it is
It started around a table, with a few beers. Craft beer & napkins were involved.

How do you plan to make money? Is this free? Will it always be free
It's a community site, built by vapers for vapers. Eventually we will try some ways to make money, but we promise it won't be evil.

How do I get in touch?
Contact us using this form. You can use this form to submit your store.

Why is the site dark?
We chose this look because we're all fans of apps that do dark mode. It might not be for everyone, but it's just the way it is.

I don't like the fact you list my stores prices! Remove them.
We believe that people have a right to compare prices in one place. This is not a new concept. We don't remove prices or listings, unless they violate our moderation requirements. So please, don't ask us.